Network Sentry is a powerful, compact computer that hosts Site Management Services as part of L3Harris’ total Site Management System.

It provides a full array of digital communications capabilities for fast, accurate, and efficient relay of critical information. As part of an L3Harris P25 network, Network Sentry plays a crucial role in meeting the communication requirements of public safety, public service, and first responders.

Site Configuration and Administration
The Network Sentry monitors the site call processing local areanetwork (LAN) for call activity and fault messages. The Network Sentry ensures that data such as user, group, and channel configurations is reliably transferred to configured site devices.

Maintain Critical Communications
Management of resources is easier and more efficient with the Network Sentry because it was designed to take full advantage of the sophisticated capabilities of an L3Harris P25IP network. The Network Sentry provides a detailed snapshot of the entire system, showing exact locations of problems and potential problems. Its fault monitoring services take input from the site call processing LAN, RF Power, Digital Input/Output (I/O), and Channel Test services and present alarms to external management systems via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to determine the location of the potential problems and identify in detail the severity, status, and reason for the most recent failure. This increases operator awareness, improves response time for maintaining vital communication links, and decreases repair time and system downtime.

User Flexibility
The Network Sentry allows users to create a flexible work environment tailored to help improve efficiency and productivity. It is equipped with an array of digital Input/Outputs (I/Os) which can be used to control relay logic devices. These digital I/Os can also be configured by the user to indicate faults in devices such as tower beacons, doors and temperature alarms that require remote controlling and monitoring. This information allows users to make quick, informed decisions to meet their needs and to adapt as those needs change.